IoT based compact signal monitoring unit (SMU) which implements the stand alone as well distributed monitoring of the electrical systems.

Various sensors such as CTs, vibration, and temperature are connected to the three 8-pin M-12 connectors of SMU, and real-time measurements are relayed to HMI to present the real-time operation of electrical systems.


  • Three 8-pin M-12 connection ports for CT, vibration, and temperature sensors.
  • Input current per pin up to 40 mA.
  • Input voltage per pin up to 10 V.
  • Wireless connectivity for ubiquitous deployment
  • Real-time monitoring and signal relaying.



Signal monitoring unit is deployed at the high power induction motor to monitor current, temperature, and stage vibrations in real-time. The data is relayed to HMI over Wifi for signal processing. Sample application include: current signal analysis and logging, spectrum analysis of load current, spectrum analysis of stage vibrations, and temperature logging.