Industrial Monitoring and Automation Engineering is the first research, development and production Laboratory supported by the Government of Pakistan that envisions to bring fifth industrial revolution 5.0.Delegated by National Center of Robotics and Automation (NCRA) set up by the Planning Commission of Pakistan in 2018. Equipped with highly trained professional with an aim as envisioned by NCRA to equip the industry with world class technology, to meet growth rate utilizing our own resources as per international standards


Our motivation for establishing the industrial monitoring and automation laboratory is to solve the commercial and public sector industrial problems. The scope is to develop real-time health monitoring of induction motors which are the workhorse of industrial units, industrial unit state/performance prediction systems, real-time monitoring and analysis of effective power consumption, identify the performance and recommend design improvements in induction motors, and finally developing capability to perform industrial energy audit.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with a full suite of innovative technology based products. We assist and provide them with in-depth technical analysis and full user control of their chosen solutions.

Our Vision

To deliver smart, leading-edge concepts and solutions that allow our clients to achieve high end results.