Smart Monitoring and Control System

A complete automation solution for three phase motor which is capable of real time energy monitoring, scheduled and remote operations. System is integrated with cloud storage where all parameters are logged and reports are generated for in-depth analyses and efficient management decision.


  • The internet connectivity
  • 10x DI, 10x DO, 4x AI,4xaO, 4x PWM
  • Measurement of water flow, ( +ve) commutative and (-ve) commutative flow, empty pipe indication, and water velocity via digital flow meter
  • Measurement of line pressure via digital pressure transmitter
  • Measurement of motor vibration via digital vibration transmitter
  • Geo tagging of each site
  • On site and off site monitoring
  • Chlorinator operation and chlorinator tank level indication
  • Apparent, Real, Reactive, Power measurement
  • Power factor measurement
  • Frequency measurement (Optional harmonic analysis)
  • Remotely monitored and control along with scheduling features
  • Remotely access of controller
  • Web connectivity (supported HTTP and MQTT protocol)
  • Data Storage
  • Database Management
  • The web application
  • CCTV camera (IP camera) provision
  • Three phase voltage measurement
  • Three phase current measurement


  • Operating Voltage: 10V to 15V
  • Operating Temperature: -10 Degree C to +55 Degree C
  • Nonvolatile memory 512 MB
  • DDR3 memory 256 MB
  • DDR3 clock frequency 533 MHz
  • DDR# data bus width 16 bits
  • supported up to 8x RS485 protocol (opto-isolated)
  • supported up to 4x(optional up to 8)4-20mA inputs
  • supported up to 2x 12C protocol
  • supported up to 2x UART protocol
Digital Input/Output
  • logic level : 5V compatible LVTTL input ; 3.3V LVTTL output
Input Logic Level
  • output low voltage, VOH: 2.4 V min; 3.465 V max
  • output high Voltage, VOL: 0 min; 0.4 V max
Platform Processor
  • Processor type: Xilinx Z-7010
  • Processor speed: 667 MHz
  • Processor cores:2
Wireless Conectivity
  • Radio mode :IEEE 802.11 b,g,n
  • Channel width: 20 MHz
  • Antenna directivity: Omnidirectional
  • Security: WPA, WPA2, WPA2- Enterprise
Analog Input
  • Aggregate sample rate: 500KS/s
  • Resolution: 12 bits
  • Overvoltage protection:±16V
  • Normal range:0V to +5
Input Logic Level
  • Input low voltage, VIL: 0Vmin; 0.8 V max
  • Input high Voltage, VIH: 2.0 min;5.25 V max